Medical Microscopes

Labomed® Medical Microscopes

Delivering quality and reliable performance across a diverse set of needs across the gynecology, otolaryngology, and eye care segments is the primary focus of our medical division. See how our PRIMA, eVA, and eVO systems have been well tailored to maximize better patient outcomes, all within a sleek form factor.

An expanding global population in search of quality, affordable health care has created a call to action for design houses like ours. Delivering a feature rich, superior quality product within reach across the otolaryngology, eye care, and gynecology sectors is the charter we have risen to meet. See how we can help deliver better clinical and surgical outcomes.

Medical Microscopes


Performance Driven Designs for Ear/Nose/Throat Professionals


A Quality Solution for Value-driven Diagnostics


Feature Rich, Ergonomic Design Creates a New Standard in Colposcopy

  • eVA
  • Prima GN
  • Prima C
  • Prima CS

Eye Care Microscopes


High Value Technology in Cataract Removal
Prima OPH

Slit Lamp

Prima Slit Lamp Eye Care Microscopes
Efficient Designs for a Streamlined Offices

  • eVO 300
  • eVO 400
  • eVO 500