Life & Materials Microscopes

Life & Materials Microscopes

Superior optical performance, ergonomic, modern form factor. These are the three guiding principles followed when ideating about our microscopes for use in schools, labs, and workshops. See what shape and form our ideas have taken in our line of products designed to deliver quality in the most demanding of environments.

A well curated selection of Labomed® microsystems have been designed to address important niches in education, research, and industrial environments to simply create superb resolution in a ergonomic and modern form factor. See how our range of upright and inverted microscopes are helping result oriented users perform routine tasks with greater ease.

Upright/Inverted Microscopes


Labomed Lx 400 Microscope

Form and Function Converge

  • CxL
  • Lx 300
  • Lx 400
  • Lx 500
  • Lx POL Polarizing Microscope


Focussing on the Needs of Clinicians

  • TCM 400
  • MET 400


Streamline Routine Imaging and Documentation Tasks

  • Atlas
  • Vega
  • iVU Touch