Master GC

Master GC

Nowadays, the enormous growth of the number of samples to be analyzed per day is challenging the laboratories worldwide. Hence, the more stringent analytical requirements demand to speed up the gas chromatographic analyses.

Fast GC is the most valuable analytical approach to address modern laboratories’ demands to significantly enhance sample throughput, while reducing operational costs per sample and obtaining the results in an attractive shorter time.

The MASTER GC delivers unsurpassed analytical capabilities meeting today’s laboratories productivity requirements. The versatile and flexible MASTER GC is uniquely designed to perform conventional and fast gas chromatographic analyses fulfilling the demands of routine and research analyses over a variety of industries and applications such as environmental, agriculture, food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, petrochemical, and pharmaceuticals among others.

The system can be equipped with an array of inlet systems and a wide selection of detectors, suitable for conventional and Fast GC analyses. The system integrates leading edge technology with total system control delivering outstanding reliability, repeatability, and performance.

In combination with the MASTER AS Liquid Autosampler, the MASTER GC offers complete automation of all operation steps, providing increased sample throughput and optimized vial processing to achieve maximum system productivity. The analytical precision is further increased through an extremely flexible handling of standard solutions.

A touchscreen display permits the total control of the MASTER GC and MASTER AS, providing also the quick and easy set up of all operating parameters. Moreover, the system can be fully controlled by the simple and effective ClarityTM Chromatography Station, starting from sampling to acquisition, data processing, and reporting.