Stereo Microscopes

Labomed® Stereo Microscopes

Our Luxeo series comes in a variety of packages.  A basic 2 step option is available, as are multiple zoom options for education, quality control, and more advanced workshop inspection cases. See how we can help outfit your bench with the best product play on market. And check back soon for updates on our new APO Luxeo configuration.

Labomed® Stereo Microscopes

From performing a biological dissection in high school to checking a jet engine for imperfections, Labomed® microscopes have you covered. The well planned and meticulously designed Luxeo series has been developed to tackle the most mundane as well as the more intricate applications in stereo microscopy. Learn more about how a host of configurations in our Luxeo line can help you create greater visual acuity.

Stereo Microscopes

Durable Construction for the Classroom
  • Luxeo 2S
  • Luxeo 4Z
  • Luxeo 6Z


Streamline Routine Imaging and Documentation Tasks
  • Atlas
  • Vega
  • iVU Touch